• We run no risk fundraisers.  We provide the product at no cost to you.  You will not need any money upfront and most of our products come without any minimum purchase requirement! This creates a mutualistic relationship between us because we can only make money if you make money.  We are tied to your success and our goals are the same. 
  • We know that your passion is coaching.  Fundraising is not your favorite part of the job. Here is the good news: this is one thing you can take off your plate!  You don’t have to be an expert because we are.  Year after year coaches depend on us to take that burden away and keep their budget fat.  Fundraising is what we do and we love it! We have run hundreds upon hundreds of campaigns.  We are there from start to finish, guiding you through the fundraising process while saving you time and energy and allowing you to focus on your team.  Our talent lies in getting in and out quickly while raising you more money than our competition.
  • Our tried and true game plan promotes team unity and team building by infusing the fundraiser into your program and involving student leaders.  Success is found when those involved take personal ownership of the fundraiser.  With our system and through our prizes and incentives, we know how to get that done.
  • We carry only superior products and are very careful before adding anything to our lineup.  While it’s true that many people will purchase fundraising products simply to support the team regardless of quality, we believe that keeping the community happy with great products will also keep them stepping up year after year.  Many of our groups reside in small towns and we have provided their fundraising for over a decade.  The communities in these towns continue to not only purchase our products year after year, but inquire as to how they might get more after the fundraiser is over!

While our wheelhouse is working with sports teams, we work with all kinds of school clubs, community clubs and nonprofit organizations.  Some of the strategies and incentives in our proven game plan discussed above may not apply to your specific group. We may have to re-think certain approaches and tweak our standard methodology, but we are confident that our expertise will conceive the right plan to systematically guide your group to your financial goals.





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